Johnnie H. Dew
Procedures and Fees
Head or Cameo (11 x17)
Head & Shoulders (18 x 24)
Half Length (21 x 27)
3/4 Length with Hands (30 x 24)
Full Figure (36 x 48)


Prices do not include framing, taxes, or travel expenses.
Pricing varies between children and adults. Current prices for children’s portraits begin at $700 for a single subject. Current prices for Adult portraits begin at $1200 for a single subject. Commission prices are based upon the size of the painting and the number of subjects.

  • Additional subjects are 75% of the price of a single subject.
  • Small pets and animals are an additional 800.00
  • Stuffed animals are an additional 500.00   
  • Elaborate background is an additional 30% of the price of the portrait.
  • The travel expenses outside of the Greater Detroit City area will be the responsibility of the client.
  • Larger portraits are negotiable

Portrait Procedure

Having a portrait painted is a very important undertaking for both artist and client. A portrait will last for many generations, long after the family photos have faded or turned to dust. Regardless of its simplicity or complexity of the composition, Johnnie Dew always strives to create an heirloom quality masterpiece of the highest standards.
Upon being commissioned, an initial consultation will be scheduled so that Johnnie Dew can understand what the client would like to achieve and answer any questions about location, dress for the sitting as well as the preferred size and placement of the finished portrait. The next step will be a photography session; this can either be in the studio or on location. For posthumous portraits, Mr. Dew will work with the client to select the appropriate photograph from personal archives. The next meeting will be to select and review the photographic references to be used in the portrait. This can be done during the photo session if time is an issue. After completion, the portrait will be delivered or shipped and presented to the client.  Satisfaction is guaranteed.